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Piotr Hryniak.

Freelance Photographer from Poland, currently working and studying Photography & Video in Leicester, UK.

His greatest passion is taking pictures of all his surroundings but

mostly he loves to capture different places and many little nature wonders.

He's always experimenting with different techniques and therefore is constantly learning how to improve his craft.

 Piotr has always been fascinated about capturing moments with his camera as a still images aiming to develop a career in the visual arts, particularly in Photography as this was his main hobby for many years.

In this portfolio you'll find some samples of Piotr's work.

Photographs he is most proud of. 

© All photographs on this site are copyrighted and are property of Piotr Hryniak/HPhotography.

You are very welcome to e-mail me with any comments, support and questions about my work.

Thank You.

Piotr Hryniak.

Thanks! Message sent.

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